We have the science

DuoMax uses ground breaking technology to fully eradicate bacteria.

DuoMax pierces the outer membrane of the bacteria and destroys the DNA and RNA which eliminates the risk of bacteria developing resistance to the product.

Alcohol denatures only external membrane proteins which does not kill the bacteria, only temporarily disables them, allowing them to regenerate with increased strength.

By removing the protein, DuoMax not only kills the bacteria, but any odour will also be removed. All this whilst being nontoxic, non irritant and non corrosive…

Log reduction % of germs Fold reduction
1 log 90 10
2 log 99 100
3 log 99.9 1,000
4 log 99.99 10,000
5 log 99.999 100,000
6 log 99.9999 1,000,000
Testing DuoMax in the lab

All of our claims are backed up by test reports and case studies carried out by the world’s leading independent microbiologists & doctors. All these are readily available for your peace of mind.

It's not just our word...

We wouldn’t want you to rely on it.

We want you have confidence in DuoMax. A lot of other products claim to kill bugs… They don’t.

The actual mechanical wiping action (cloth + friction) removes the 'bugs' from the surface but then leaves an environment for the bugs to grow back bigger and stronger. Then you have an even greater problem.

And what is left on the cloth/wipe? The bugs that you successfully removed from the surface leaving you to be the main transporter of the problem you tried to eradicate in the first place!