DuoMaxHard Surface

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DuoMax Surface Cleaner

Key Benefits

  1. Biodegradable
  2. Non staining
  3. Non tainting
  4. Non toxic
  1. Kills Bacteria
  2. Kills Virus
  3. Kills Fungi
  1. Removes mop and bucket odor
  2. Can cut your costs
  3. Removes grease
  4. Removes dirt

More details

  1. Destroys the DNA & RNA of the most difficult & resilient bugs including MRSA, C. Diff, E-Coli
  2. Prevents the spread of Swine Flu
  1. Ideal for kitchens, desks, work tops, tiled surfaces
  2. Hospital quality product


  1. Multi purpose
  2. Available in: 750ml trigger; 5ltr
  3. Fragrance Free or Wild Lemon
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